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smile to vote® is the innovative leader of physiognomy analysis technology. smile to vote® decodes facial features and provides fascinating insights into individual political bias and electoral behavior. The software uses state of the art facial recognition as well as AI-driven pattern analysis to gage a valid picture of citizens and their political beliefs. smile to vote® opens up new paths to intelligent, individualized and efficient voting processes.


To the human eye every person has a unique physiognomy. Cutting edge  research in the field of AI-driven Psychometrics revealed the existence of reoccurring patterns related to personality traits below the threshold of human perception.

smile to vote® fractionises facial physiognomy into tens of thousands of tiny, digital components and elements (“features”). Data rooms and data clouds arise from these components and develop patterns, which smile to vote® compares to patterns and structures of substantiated reference data. This technology is based on Facial Scanning, Data Mining, Deep Learning, and Psychometrics.

smile to vote® is a technology, which – with the help of Artificial Intelligence – identifies patterns in physiognomy and derives psychometric and behavioral features from them. In addition to standard Facial Recognition procedures, specific physiognomy patterns are being captured in this process. With the help of these patterns and on the basis of high quality reference data sets, objective predictive models are trained. These predictions are then processed by way of aggregation. They provide high, measurable added value in various electoral areas.

The scientific foundation of smile to vote® is the core of the technology: Numerous validation studies (internal and external) secure the process. Our Scientific Advisory Board actively supports and promotes the development of the technology.

smile to vote® groups physiognomy samples with different characteristics, e.g. all persons showing certain patterns or certain types of political behavior. In this way it is detected which physiognomy patterns are typical for certain groups. Subsequently, typical facial patterns for different groups are detected. This is followed by the conduction of high-dimensional similarity comparisons and predictions about which of these groups a newly characterized, unknown person resembles the most.

The reference data sets consist of millions of individual analysis and contain a number of external criteria (e.g. KPIs) and additional information. The development core of smile to vote® uses Machine Learning and Data Mining algorithms in order to detect connections in the selected data. These patterns serve the modelling modules as a basis for analyses and predictions.


We are a non-partisan organization. Our client network includes governments and NGOs, commercial entities big and small, and political clients across the ideological spectrum.

We deeply believe in participatory politics and see our technology as an contemporary empowerment of the voter to make high-tech democracies ready for the 21st century and the future itself.

The application of smile to vote® is versatile. Best of all it takes the tedious guessing work out of electoral processes and allows for effective and efficient governing.

So far we have successfully implemented smile to vote® to facilitate these use cases for our clients:

  • Highly Efficient Election Processes
  • Water-Proof Poll Prediction
  • Ultra Effective and Efficient Campaigning
  • Predictive Governing

Our software can easily be linked to your already existing surveillance systems and or citizen databases to allow for maximum efficiency of your next electoral project.

It is Irrelevant whether your government or organization already has sufficient physiognomy data available. Our Data and Computer Vision experts are happy to develop new, disruptive models for your individual use case. smile to vote® provides clients with a truly quantifiable approach to election processes.

Please get in touch for an individual assessment.

Scientific Advisory Board

Outstanding science partners from different disciplines enrich and ensure the quality of our development work. They help us to continuously develop the possibilities of smile to vote®, further support our research and provide excellent discussion forums around the origin and future of our technology.

Additionally an independent Ethics Committee is constantly advising our organization to ensure ethically flawless design practices as well as the socially acceptable usage of smile to vote® technologies.


smile to vote® has a multitalented workforce of researchers, data scientists, behavioral psychologists, marketing experts, creatives and political analysts. Among them are PhDs from the world’s leading universities and over 20 different nationalities.

A deep drive for accurately optimizing communication between citizens and government is the origin of smile to vote® technologies. Efficient, secure, transparent and fast voting is the key for every democracy, and therefore decision making as a democratic process. The smile to vote® team is enthusiastic about developing and realizing technologies that allow for  substantially faster analysis processes in electoral scenarios.

Originally founded 2015 as a startup in Berlin by 3 specialists from the fields of Machine Learning, Big-Data Analytics and Psychometrics, smile to vote® within only 2 years has evolved into a highly successful company with 84 employees and offices in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.


Are you looking for an efficient solution for your electoral model? Are you interested in optimizing your next election or campaign?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to discussing your needs.

Due to the sensitive nature of our business and security concerns of our clients we are unable to share the physical locations of our offices and research facilities.


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