We are a non-partisan organization. Our client network includes governments and NGOs, commercial entities big and small, and political clients across the ideological spectrum.

We deeply believe in participatory politics and see our technology as an contemporary empowerment of the voter to make high-tech democracies ready for the 21st century and the future itself.

The application of smile to vote® is versatile. Best of all it takes the tedious guessing work out of electoral processes and allows for effective and efficient governing.

So far we have successfully implemented smile to vote® to facilitate these use cases for our clients:

  • Highly Efficient Election Processes
  • Water-Proof Poll Prediction
  • Ultra Effective and Efficient Campaigning
  • Predictive Governing

Our software can easily be linked to your already existing surveillance systems and or citizen databases to allow for maximum efficiency of your next electoral project.

It is Irrelevant whether your government or organization already has sufficient physiognomy data available. Our Data and Computer Vision experts are happy to develop new, disruptive models for your individual use case. smile to vote® provides clients with a truly quantifiable approach to election processes.

Please get in touch for an individual assessment.